Falls Assistant is committed to ensuring its websites and publications are accessible to all users. Should you require any of our publications in another language or format, please request this at for consideration.

Accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of making websites adaptable and usable by people of all abilities and disabilities and using all types of devices. When digital services are correctly designed, developed and edited, all users can have equal access to information and functionality. Our website aims to achieve the following standards:

  • accessibility will conform to WIA Triple A guidelines where possible and AA throughout
  • mark-up will comply with W3C guidelines on CSS, HTML and XML. Pages will be marked up as HTML5 using CSS for layout and style

Attention has been paid to the following principles:

  • the site must provide equivalent access to auditory and visual content based on user preference
  • the site must provide compatibility with assistive technologies
  • the site must provide compatibility with keyboard access where possible
  • pages must be usable when scripts are turned off or not supported by a user’s browser


The site uses valid HTML5 and CSS.

Useful links

The following websites have useful advice and information about web accessibility: